Saturday, July 31, 2010

..warh!!asal la byk masalah!!


byk msalah jadik..

more n more happend to me wthout da feeling of sympathy,,

y shud every1 treat me like dis..???
da 1 dat i love..da 1 dat i care..
mr. f.. i love u more n more everyday..

like our old times together,,
lets settle dis prob..
plezz..dun act like dis anymore..
u noe dat.

.i ll love u till ma last breath..

ma family..
im so sorry..

i ve lots of prob till eveyday ma tears will roll down upon ma cheeks..
i tried 2 be indpendent..
but y some of u just like puttg da bar in front of me..
seems nver want me to live ma own life?

plis undrstand.

.i love all of u..
mama..abah..pliz 4give ur daughter.
i wan da best 4 ma life 2 make both of u hepi.. wrong again..

ma friends..tesl 2..
fatin izni..
and all da other rest of ma siblings here.
i love all of u..

thanks cz being ma buddies..
our frenshp will neva end.=p

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