Tuesday, March 8, 2011

do you want to earn money from blogging?

you don't get Buffered Earnings from Nuffnang? then come and try HEARTBEAT.lemme show you how to put this heartbeat. first of all, u need to click this link.

and then,you may click HEARTBEAT.MY.

Then,click "create account"

fill the form and click "I agree..." then klik "continue"

Then click "Join HB.."

click "online application" 

fill this lousy things. *tp demi duit,xpe..ngeh2*

fill in the preferred payment info then click "I agree" and "continue"

click "get a code" 

you guys can choose either you guys want horizontal,square,vertical or text links

if you want to check your earning, then click "MY HB Affiliate" 

p/s : this is also my first try..idk whether its gonna work or not..but,why dont you give a try kan?duit tuh..gaaaa~ :D

 credited to ateyn,..haha..
ak copy paste ka nye..=p

it may look something like this la..

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