Saturday, August 21, 2010

da new strength of ma lyfe..
wat is love??
nothing more or less just a stupid feeling towards da boys who not appreciate it..
dis previous month..
i ady learnt a lot..
wat is meant by love..
just give the miserable times..
da sadness..
da tears rolls down..
seeing ma frenz..
being cheated wif a guy whom she loves..
me myself had to go through dis stage also..
we got dat lessons..
no love no tears..
no boys no sadness..
but somehow..
we just dun understand..
y dis things shud happened to us?
this is God's will..
thanks God cause made us realize
nothing will last 4 ever..
except da love towards da parents..
and mostly to God Al-Mighty..
may god bless us..
i wan dis love remain for Him..
my only one creator..

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